The Best Walking Routes Around Barcelona

Costa Brava

Escape the bustling city life and breathe in the fresh air without venturing too far outside of the city. For a good work out rewarded by some spectacular views, check out these hiking trails. It’s time to move those feet and discover rural Barcelona!



Although Montserrat is easily accessible by cable car, a unique way to see it is by foot. If you’re up for the challenge, then hiking to the top is the way to go. Start by taking a train outside the city centre and walking through winding roads until you are at the base of the rocky range, ready to begin your ascent. Once at the top, visitors can explore the museum, basilica, and impressive monastery, along with stunning views stretching all the way back to Barcelona and Penedés. If you plan to complete the hike as well as spend some time on the top, leave Barcelona early in the morning to give yourself plenty of time.



Though Montjuïc doesn’t necessarily top the list of hills surrounding Barcelona in size, it’s definitely up there as one of the most scenic routes, with much to do along the way. Home to the Montjuïc Castle, the 1992 Olympic Stadium, and the Joan Miró foundations, this route is much more than just a hike. One popular trail begins in the Grec Gardens in Poble-Sec, following the Laribel Stairs to the Miró Foundation. Continue on along the Carrer Doctor i Font Quer and wind your way up to the castle for a breathtaking view of the city.


Costa BravaCosta Brava

Whether you’re looking for astounding views, a relaxing beach day, or hikes of various levels and terrains, the Costa Brava is the place for you. This stunning coastal region stretches right up to the border of France where the Pyrenees mountains meet the Mediterranean Sea. Well known for its spectacular cliffs and coves lining the coast, the Costa Brava is a must-visit, offering the perfect day trip out of Barcelona. Small fishing villages line the coast, perfect for ending your hike with a feast of fresh fish!


The Bunkers del Carmel Bunkers del Carmel

Used during the Spanish Civil War, these former wartime bunkers have since been abandoned and today they offer one of the best panoramic views of the city to be found. One of Barcelona’s best-kept secrets, this enchanting spot is popular with locals and more adventurous travelers. You can access the Bunkers from the centre of town by taking the metro to Vallarca (L3) for a head start. Once off the metro begin the ascent to the top (or hop on the bus if you’re feeling lazy!) and you will be blown away by the panoramic views. Although it is beautiful at any hour of the day, we recommend sunset time for the most magical experience.


TibidaboTibidabo Mountain

With a challenging hike comes the best views, and that is exactly what Tibidabo offers. Though a difficult climb, this mountain peak is home to the famous amusement park perched on its peak, so you can reward yourself after your journey to the top. If amusement parks aren’t for you, there is a beautiful church atop the mountain that is well worth visiting! Tibidabo is the tallest mountain of the Serra de Collserola range, so you can only imagine the views that come with it. If you’re not up for the hike, there is a tram that runs frequently from Plaça de John Kennedy.


The Besós River and SeafrontBesós River

For those looking for a flatter terrain without any ascent or hills, the trail along the Besós River is the ideal option for you. Running from the Colserolla mountain range to the Mediterranean sea, it offers scenic trails along the riverside for walkers and cyclists. From exercise enthusiasts to families alike, the area attracts many visitors daily. Once the official trail ends, mountain bikers have the option to continue along the rugged riverside path for another several kilometres.


Carretera de las AiguesThe Carretera de las Aigues

Translated, it literally means ‘Road of Waters’, Carretera de las Aigues is a 9-kilometre stretch of paths that wind around the Collserola mountains, offering a wide array of views from all angles. This is the perfect place for running, walking, and cycling or challenging yourself with steeper inclines and more difficult terrains. Running tours are offered through 360 Running Barcelona, for a little more motivation and some company. If you’re just looking to find spectacular views of the city away from all of the action, access Carretera de las Aigues by car or public transport and enjoy a relaxing picnic with friends against a rather breathtaking backdrop.

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