The Best Viewpoints in Barcelona

Viewpoint of Barcelona

Barcelona is home to many spots where you can enjoy spectacular, panoramic views of the city.  From the magnificent Montjuïc mountain to Gaudí’s colourful masterpiece, Park Güell, you can see the vast town in its entirety, giving you an unforgettable experience and memories that’ll last you a lifetime. Here is a list of locations boasting the most breathtaking vistas of Barcelona with something to satisfy everyone’s budget and desires!


Park Güell in Barcelona1. Park Güell

A trip to Barcelona is not complete without a visit to one of Gaudí’s most famous architectural masterpieces, Park Güell. Walk around the free zone for fabulous views of the city, or alternatively pay an entrance free for access to the monumental area. Here, take a seat on the mosaic-patterned benches at Plaça de la Natura and take a moment to soak in the stunning views of the park and city. This area also includes the Escalinata del Dragón and the Sala Hipóstila, however, fear not, without paying entrance you can still enjoy unbelievable views of the bustling city.

Tip: As possibly one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona, it can get extremely busy here especially during the summer months. For a more peaceful experience, arrive in the morning when the atmosphere is more relaxed.


Tibidabo in Barcelona2. Tibidabo

As the highest mountain in Barcelona, and part of the Serra de Collserola mountain range, it rises above 512 metres high and boasts arguably the best views of the city and surrounding coastline. Getting there can be quite a trek, but after witnessing the stunning sights that it offers, you’ll be more than glad that you made the journey.

Make a day of it at Tibidabo by visiting the amusement park as well as the beautiful Sagrat Cor which sits at the top of the hill. If you fancy a bite to eat, head to the restaurant Mirablau which has an extensive menu that’ll leave your taste buds singing with joy. The base of the mountain can be easily accessed by public transport, and if you don’t fancy hiking to the top you can either get the funicular train or the Touristic bus, T2A from Plaça Catalunya. It’s only 2.95€ for a single ticket and a very pleasant 20 minute journey to the top passing through some of Barcelona’s wealthiest and most picturesque neighbourhoods.

Tip: Already 512 metres high? That’s nothing! Continue ascending up the mountain until you reach the Ferris wheel, where you can enjoy a truly unique experience.


Bunker del Carmel in Barcelona3. Bunker del Carmel

Just outside the city centre, this Barcelona ewpoint is slightly more unknown amongst visitors to the cuty. The site is an old military base that was originally built during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) to spot enemy airplanes during the Franco regime. It then became a residential area, also known as the Cannonry, and is now one of the few places in the city to have a 360 degree view of Barcelona.

In short, this place is amazing and must not be missed. You can either get here by bus or metro. If you take the metro, be prepared for a long walk up to the top, whereas the bus (Lines  24, V17, 92 and 119), will take you close to the top so you don’t have to walk as far.

Tip: To make the experience that extra bit special, arrive in time for sunrise for an array of spectacular colours and sit back and enjoy the awakening of the city lights. Another great idea would be to go in the early evening for sunset- take some food and drinks and cosy up with good friends for a memorable evening.


Montjuïc in Barcelona4. Montjuïc

Head to the top of Montjuïc, Barcelona’s most historic hill, where you can enjoy astonishing views from the castle and admire the sea views just like the Iberians did. You will get a fantastic overview of the Barcelona seafront and be able to spot all your favourites: Maremagnum shopping centre, the the Port and even the Sagrada Familia in the far distance.

Hop on board the Montjuïc cable car where you can enjoy Barcelona’s cityscape in all its glory. The view of the seaport and Barceloneta from 70 metres high is simply priceless, especially at sunset. With the sun glowing from behind the mountains, witness the most vibrant and beautiful colours, a lust for the eye!

Tip: A must see for your trip to Barcelona is the Montjuïc Magic Fountain show running on select days of the week. The spectacular display of water, lights and music will transport you to a light paradise and leave you mesmerized for days.


Sagrada Familia in Barcelona5. Sagrada Familia

Another Gaudí gem offering stunning views of the city. A special attraction in itself, many flock here to visit the famously unfinished cathedral, however, if you head to the bridge between the two towers, you can enjoy endless vistas of the land and sea. Its incredible height allows for unbeatable views of the city and will make you Instagrammers go picture crazy.


Poble Espanyol in Barcelona6. Poble Espanyol

See some of the most attractive and wonderful views of the city from this artistic open-air museum/village. Initially built in 1929, it is extremely characterful taking its architectural style from various regions of Spain including Aragón and Andalucía. Its view even allows you to see the Collserola Mountain chain in the distance.

Tip: As with many hotspots in Barcelona, it is prone to getting very overcrowded so it is recommended to buy tickets in advance and bring some dinero to spend at the various artisan shops.


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