Barcelona Zoo: Perfect for a Family Day Out

Barcelona Zoo: Snowflake

 If you are thinking of taking a family break in Barcelona, the activities, outings and day trips available for you to enjoy are endless. Whether you would like to frolic in the waves at Barceloneta Beach, or play games with the children in Parc Güell, there is definitely one adventure that is an absolute must for any family visiting the Catalan capital: the Barcelona Zoo.


Barcelona Zoo: PeacocksThe Parc de la Ciutadella, situated in the city center, is the setting of the Barcelona Zoo (Parc Zoològic de Barcelona), best known as the home of the only identified albino gorilla, Snowflake, until his passing away in 2003. Read on in our Barcelona Tourist Guide to find out exactly why you shouldn’t miss a trip to this extraordinary zoo during your stay in Barcelona…


Animal Kingdom

It is estimated that more than 1 million people visit the Barcelona Zoo annually, and there are over 2,200 animals from 315 species on display! The zoo is home to mammals (most notably the Western Lowland Gorilla and the Bornean Orangutan), birds, amphibians and reptiles. Special displays of iguanas and chameleons are just one of the many attractions that you can enjoy when you visit the zoo!

Barcelona Zoo: DolphinsThe zoo is also home to larger animals such as cheetahs, lions, snow leopards and even giraffes. Be sure not to miss the Red Panda, a crowd favorite! Whether your kids prefer cute penguins, the sheer supremacy of the killer whale, or the “King of the Jungle”, Barcelona zoo has it all!

The zoo, celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2012, has planned an extensive and diverse program of events to mark this milestone, with activities aimed at audiences both young and old. Some of the activities include educational sessions with dolphins as well as “Adventure Saturdays,” a program designed for kids ages 4 to 11, teaching them about animals and their histories through interactive games and tours.


What makes Barcelona Zoo different?

The thing that sets this zoo apartBarcelona Zoo: Cheetah from the others in Spain is the fact that it has open enclosures, allowing visitors to almost touch the animals. It also boasts an infant zoo, where children can be introduced to a large variety of animals.

In addition, the Barcelona Zoo prides itself on the humane facilities and habitats that it provides for the animals, and takes its social responsibility seriously, through participating in numerous European and international endangered species awareness programs. It also promotes programs of conservation while offering support to universities and researchers all over the world.


How to get to the Zoo

The Barcelona Zoo is easily accessible from both the Metro L4 (CiutadellaVila Olímpica stop) and the Metro L1 (Arc de Triomf stop). The zoo is open from 10am-5pm in the winter, but during the summer it remains open until 7:30pm. Tickets can be bought online or at the gate, with adult tickets costing 15,40€, and children getting in for 9,30€.

If you are visiting Barcelona with your family this year, a trip to the Barcelona Zoo is a must! A number of generations have passed through this amazing site, and you too will undoubtedly encounter your very own breathtaking moments and create some cherished memories there. So, grab your loved ones, book one of the manyapartments in Barcelona and head to the Catalan capital for a family experience you will never forget!

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