Bar 21, a Bar with a Lot of Cariño

Here’s a bar with that true Mediterranean feel, that feeling you can easily find from Formentera to Sardinia, from the Greek islands to Salento, that feel that makes you say with a smile, “Hey, I’m on holiday!” The colors, the scratches on the wooden beams, the palm tree leaves and the artworks are just perfect and welcoming for a drink in good company. To be honest, it’s perfect à deux, three if you include Lourdes, the very nice owner, for a lovely chat.
Beauty apart, Bar 21 offers a set of simple Mediterranean dishes just perfect for a light, laid back lunch when the beach sun is too hot. Fresh and grilled vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes with anchovies, burrata, salads or quiches are gracefully prepared and presented. A free tapa to accompany a glass of wine or champagne is included if you decide to come at sunset.  And since it’s so close to the beach apartments in Barcelona, you might as well decide to hop in and out more than once a day. For more information visit the Bar 21 Facebook Page.

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Marina is a writer from Barcelona and is passionate about travel and technology. "Whenever I have the time, you'll find me with a backpack discovering the world. And when don't, I write about my wonderful city to help visitors to enjoy it to the fullest."
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