A French Pearl in Barcelona

It’s called “la Perla de Oro” (the golden pearl) but the jewels sold there are all edible. This simple and charming corner of France just off Las Ramblas is actually a former old-school grocery store that Parisian Julien Gautier transformed into a den of  classic French food.  Julien was in love with this place when he was a client, and when the elderly owners retired – the shop was opened in 1939 – Julien and his wife decide to buy it. The couple respectfully preserved the counter and the beautiful marble tables where one can linger waiting for his sandwich to be prepared with great care. Yes, because la Perla is not a place for elaborate cuisine, but for sipping a wine or even an old Picon bière with a nice reblochon and ham or duck rillette and cucumber sandwich with home made bread.

One can choose from a full variety of cheeses like small chèvres (mini goat cheeses), Munster, Mimolette, Saint Marcellin, and sometimes even the powerfully stinky Livarot and other delicacies from Pais d’Auge in Normandy. French expats can get their hard-to-find favorites like the delicious confit de canard or the canned cassoulet, or even just the simple things like salted butter or Orangina, for that taste of home. In Paris, a place like this would be probably rated “trendy chic” and overpriced, but located in the Raval of Barcelona, it is easily accessible from any Ramblas apartment in Barcelona and  a laid back place to have breakfast, lunch or evening snacks. And speaking of good deals, everyday from 7pm to 9pm one can enjoy a happy hour for 3€ a drink with two free tapas.

La Perla de Oro
C/Unió 34, 08001 Barcelona
Tel. 93 301 56 39

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