Want to Learn Some Spanish in Barcelona, Spain?

Do you want to travel to Barcelona, but you don’t know a word of Spanish? Here are some useful, everyday words and phrases that will allow you to do all of the activities that Barcelona has to offer.

Hola- Hello

Buenos Días- Good Morning

Buenos Tardes- Good Afternoon

Buenas Noches- Good Evening

Adiós- Good-bye

Hasta luego- See you later

Hasta mañana- See you tomorrow

¿Qué tal?/¿Cómo está?- How are you?

Bien, ¿y tú?- Good, and you?

¿Qué hora es?- What time is it?

Por favor- Please

Gracias- Thank you

De nada- You’re welcome

Mañana- Tomorrow/Morning

Tarde- Afternoon

Noche- Night

Ayer- Yesterday

Hoy- Today

Está bien- It is good/ Everything is fine

¿Habla inglés? – Do you speak English?

No entiendo…- I don’t understand

Grande- Large

Pequeño- Small

¿Tiene…?- Do you have…?

Entrada- Entrance

Salido- Exit

Abierto- Open

Cerrado- Closed

¡Ayuda!- Help!

¡Al ladrón!- Robber!

¿Dónde está el baño?- Where is the bathroom?

Me gustaría…- I would like…

Esto/Eso- This/That

Estoy perdido- I’m lost

¿Dónde está…?- Where is…?

Pérdon…- Excuse me…

Derecha- Right

Izquierda- Left

Derecho- Straight on

¿Cuánto cuesta? – How much is it?

¿Acepta las tarjetas de crédito?- Do you accept credit cards?

¿La cuenta, por favor?- The bill, please?

Desayuno- Breakfast

Almuerzo- Lunch

Cena- Dinner

Agua- Water

Cerveza- Beer

Vino (roja/blanco)- Wine (red/white)

With these words and phrases, you will be able to get around Barcelona with more ease. There is a large population of people who can speak English in Barcelona, but with these words and phrases, you can live and talk like the locals.

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